Spiritual Counseling for Couples

We’ve (Craig & Brooke Brimm) been married for over 23 years. During that time we’ve experienced many ups and downs. Throughout our time as a couple we have undertaken our own  secular pre-marital counseling and Christian counseling. We’ve studied many books from devotionals to self-help advice,  we’ve gone through couples programs, attended seminars, and taken couple’s retreats. We have approached being married in the same way that we have approached anything else in our lives with which we wanted to succeed. We have studied and practiced.

We work as a couple. Dr.Brooke Brimm is a Metaphysical Practitioner & Ordained Minister. Craig is her lifelong partner and business owner, adds balance and harmony to the sessions, as well as life expertise in marriage & metaphysics.

Brooke wrote a relationship book which was released in 2011, Love’s Gumbo: Ingredients for a Loving and Lasting Relationship. From there she developed the program Release the UnYou, Live as the Real You™. The Spiritual Counseling which we facilitate for couples is based on the book and the program. We cover three areas which attacks relationships:


  1. Not knowing enough about one’s self
  2. Exploring roles which we have played or are currently playing for others without being aware
  3. Guilt (unforgiveness of self) and negativity (Unforgiveness towards others).
  • We teach you how to actively show appreciation toward each other
  • How to cleanse out negativity from your mind, body, & Spirit
  • How to connect with each other in a meaningful & authentic way.


We Work With All Couples! Heterosexual and Same-Sex. We come to your location for a minimum of three sessions. We ask that the first three session be paid up front, so that if the sessions get difficult, you’ll be encouraged to continue through the minimum amount suggested. The Sessions are $95.00 per session. The first three will be $285.00. You may reserve your sessions by paying here.


Although we conduct couples & marital Spiritual Counseling. Premarital counseling comes with a discount. You will receive a certificate for completion, which can be presented to some county licensing offices for a discount on your marriage license.


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 Your services were great!We were very pleased. You and Craig helped us to better understand each other and ourselves! Thank you again. ~ A & S