Metaphysical Practitioner

As a Trained Spiritual Counselor with degrees  in both professional counseling (Master’s) and Metaphysical studies (Ph.D.), Brooke offers special skills in facilitating self-discovery.  She uses professional counseling techniques and her knowledge of the inner Spirit connection to lead others to the connection with their inner voices.  Brooke believes that each individual has that which is needed inside of herself to Live, Love, Give, & Grow to be more of who she is.  It is her goal to teach others to connect with their inner Spirts, so that it can lead them down a purposeful, happy, and divine path. To discuss your needs for self-discovery individually, within a couple or within a Group.


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Self-Discovery Groups Facilitated By Brooke

      • Self-discovery Groups – Release the UnYou, Live as the Real You™ A step-by-step program designed to assist in releasing baggage which causes stagnation, pain, and repeated patterns. Conducted in-person or online
      • Cathartic Jewelry Design self-exploration class or parties (self-discovery exercises & jewelry design work which culminates into an affirmation symbol)
      • Facilitated Self- exploration Relationship Groups
      • Self-exploration groups for Cancer survivors & others who’ve experience Major illness Challenges
      • Self-exploration Professional Development for businesses.

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Spiritual Counseling

    • Individual Self-discovery Spiritual counseling
    • Couples Self-discovery Counseling (conducted with my life partner of 23 years)

Public Speaking

  • Women’s Self-discovery Seminars, Conferences, & Retreats
  • Personal/brand Self-discovery for business


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(Initials used to protect Identity)

I learned a great deal about emotional projection and emotional responsibility. This is my favorite lesson. I believe it is now seared in my memory enough to affect how I communicate with others, and how I allow others to communicate with me. I have learned a great deal about compassion. Moreover, I have learned that People are People, and the folks that attempted to control me out of fear, who were once my “enemies”—I can choose to be compassionate with them and have an entirely new relationship with them if I’d like. ~P.J.

Brooke Brimm, the creator and facilitator of this self-exploration program, is a consummate practitioner and she is fully vested in helping individuals to peel away the layers, to unbury the unresolved issues that have been lying dormant and which perhaps serve against our being well, our well-being. ~H.G.

I feel like I was able to sit accross from myself and talk to me. I needed this especially when I’m questioning everything around me. I found some stability in myself. ~ C.

This is a great program in self discovery. The questions and dialogue allows you to get a full scope of who you are in the past, present, and you can decide how you want to move forward in your future. I recommend this exercise for anyone who feels stuck, but has the desire to the work which is not easy.  The rewards are great though. ~ D.M

This class has made me question why I am the way I am, and how much of who I think I am is really me and what has been placed on me by others.  It has helped me tremendously. My mind is a little more clear now. M.M.

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