Join the Release the UnYou, Live as the Real You™ Class

Release the UnYou, Live as the Real You™ 

An 8-week class  THIS CLASS IS BEING EXTENDED TO 24 WEEKS!  designed especially for women who want to self-examine, self-explore, and self-discover for the purpose of walking into who you came here to be. We look at our own desires, the roles and expectations of others, past, and current relationships, so that we can become more in touch with our inner voices. In touch with the guiding light inside of us, which is leading us to live, love, give, and grow to be more of ourselves.

Dr. Brooke Brimm uses techniques from her training in Professional Counseling and metaphysical principles to lead the group through a journey to their inner voices. She teaches personalized tools, affirmations, activities to move participants past blockages, and into the light of their inner beings.

The class includes:

  • A minimum of 3-group sessions per month
  • Membership in private online group
  • 6 one-on-one sessions with Dr. Brimm
  • Sharing in an confidential, warm environment with other women on this same journey.
  • Learn to challenge external messaging & internal messaging which keeps you stagnant.
  • Self-discovery Course book with homework assignments.
  • Learn to journal, to observe, and to cleanse in ways which allows you to finally let go of things weighing you down & allows you to move forward.
  • Develop a personal affirmation & an affirmation jewelry piece which reflects your true inner self and your new found revelations.
  • Learn to use aromatherapy to elevate your vibration and to cleanse your energy.
  • Learn body movement & body awareness in release and relaxation sessions which help you to  cleanse, be more open, and to move negative energy out of your body.
  • Measure your own growth & change with a Pre & Post assessments
  • Final one-on-one assessment with Dr. Brimm
  • Final Vision Board party! Light refreshments at each session.

TOTAL FEE: $600 (Payable in monthly installments of $100 per month)


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There is only room for 8 people in the class RESERVE YOUR SPACE TODAY! Classes start when we reach capacity in Atlanta! The schedule will be made based on the availability of paid participants.

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Here is what participants have said about the class:

“…has been beneficial to opening up within me some blocked or semi-blocked channels of communication for me to surrender to God, to connect with my spouse better and with my children, as well as professional colleagues. the tools of self-love, honesty, hope, and freedom are really clear to me..”

“I am unearthing old garbage and finally learning to let it go.”

“I started to analyze my childhood and how the roles I have played shaped me. I started to realize what was really important to me and what was instilled in me, because there’s a difference. Now more than ever, I start to ask myself important intimate questions when I feel overwhelmed about something instead of just suppressing my emotions. I seek to understand me and everything that I feel a lot more now.”

“This is a great program in self discovery. The questions and dialogue allows you to get a full scope of who you are in the past and present and you can decide how you want to move forward in your future. I recommend this exercise for anyone who feels stuck but have the desire to the work which is not easy.  The rewards are great though.”

I feel like I was able to sit across from myself and talk to me. I needed this experience where I’m questioning everything around me. I found some stability in myself.”


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