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As a Trained Spiritual Counselor with degrees  in both professional counseling (Master’s) and Metaphysical studies (Ph.D.), Brooke offers special skills in facilitating self-discovery.  She uses professional counseling techniques and her knowledge of the inner Spirit connection to lead others to the connection with their inner voices.  Brooke believes that each individual has that which is needed inside of herself to Live, Love, Give, & Grow to be more of who she is.  It is her goal to teach others to connect with their inner Spirts, so that it can lead them down a purposeful, happy, and divine path.

Contact Brooke at 404-889-9694  to discuss your needs for self-discovery individually, within a couple or within a Group.

Self-Discovery Groups Facilitated By Brooke

      • Self-discovery Groups – Release the UnYou, Live as the Real You™ A step-by-step program designed to assist in releasing baggage which causes stagnation, pain, and repeated patterns. Conducted in-person or online
      • Cathartic Jewelry Design self-exploration class or parties (self-discovery exercises & jewelry design work which culminates into an affirmation symbol)
      • Facilitated Self- exploration Relationship Groups
      • Self-exploration groups for Cancer survivors & others who’ve experience Major illness Challenges
      • Self-exploration Professional Development for businesses.

      • Spiritual Counseling

        Public Speaking

        • Women’s Self-discovery Seminars, Conferences, & Retreats
        • Personal/brand Self-discovery for business


        Yoga & Meditation

        As a 200-hour Certified Yoga instructor, Dr. Brimm has developed a mind, body, Spirit program to encourage self-exploration.

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