I Thought it was Gone: Glass in My Foot Part 2

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Back in July I wrote a post  describing a situation I had with glass in my foot. The post was about the process of removing something painful from your life. When I ended the post my foot was sore, and I was sure that I had removed the item and was on the road to recovery.  Well this “glass in my foot” situation mirrored the experience of removing pain out of your life in every way. In that I still had work to do. Here’s what I mean.


I was proud of my removal….

After ignoring my foot for a week, I went through a time-consuming process and saw results. I had removed a small piece of glass from my foot and I felt relief. I was a little incredulous that the piece of glass had been so small, but willing to believe that I had gotten it all out because I had gotten some out. I wanted to believe that my small removal was all the work I had to do; I was wrong.

I started to realize that it was still there…

A week after writing this grand story of removing the glass, I started to notice that the foot was still sore and getting worse. It was hardening and getting black. I was in total denial. I couldn’t admit that I wasn’t healed. After all, I declared publicly that I had worked it out. I walked in more denial. I tried to ignore the pain. I picked at it sometimes. I bought a corn pad (they were expensive) to tried to cover it up. The corn pads made it hurt worse. However, I continued in this state of denial for about a month longer. A full six weeks with glass in my foot. Right on the pad of my foot. So that means I kept pushing it deeper and deeper just by going about my daily life walking.

I knew that I had Metaphysical work to do…

Anyone who knows me or has worked with me, knows that I talk about the mind, body, Spirit connection often. If there is a nagging or debilitating physical condition, I usually suggest that clients look up the metaphysical cause for it at Vital Affirmations or in Louise Hay’s books Heal Your Body.. I had looked up my foot from the beginning and I immediately knew what the problem was. I needed to take stand on an issue that I had been warring with internally and I needed to get grounded in nature. Instead of taking a stand, I waffled. I floundered. I suppressed the signals and my foot got worse. Finally, I decided that the only way to get it out was time at the ocean.

I needed a Ritual…

Sometimes we need a big symbolic gesture or ritual to remove stubborn things out of our lives. Yes, we have to work and keep working to get to the place of healing, and sometimes we need the assistance of a ritual, symbol, or Spiritual process. I knew that I needed to get to the ocean, but I didn’t think I’d be able to. My car needed air conditioning, an oil change, and an alignment, and my pockets needed cash to make those things happen. Well as it usually turns out, God provided money & car maintenance and I went to visit my best friend down in Coastal Georgia. I stayed in the ocean for a whole day and my foot was really starting to hurt. I dug at it, and I was in a lot of pain. My friend scoffed at me because she has read the story, and she thought it was gone. She essentially gave me the disgusted look people give you when you are walking around with a problem that you coulda, shoulda, need to work on ASAP. I made a lame excuse and dismissed her pleas for me to go to the doctor. I stayed in the ocean all day, but I never addressed my metaphysical connection to my foot, so nothing happened but more pain.

With my girl @hermina_glass_hill yesterday. I needed to stay a week.

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My healing came through my Ritual…

It was August 6th, the second day of my ocean visit when I realized the Universe had provided a cycle of release for me to participate in. It was the Full Moon & I was at the ocean. Cleansing and removal was written all over this Divine time. The ocean washes away woes and worries. It raises your vibration because of all of the salt water and minerals, and the Full Moon is a time of removing negativity and things that no longer serve you.

The night before, I had decided to stop waffling on the issue that I had been flip-flopping on. I knew that I was clinging to a mental comfort zone, and that I needed to release my security blanket and take full responsibility. I released what I had clung to. I let it go. In the morning I went back into the ocean and wasted no time because I had only about 30 mins before it was time to go. The pain in my foot had become so acute, so that let me know that the item was ready to be gone. There is truth to the statement that it is darkest before dawn. I reached back for my foot and called on the Full Moon cycle to help me purge this item. I dug where the pain was greatest, and suddenly I felt the glass. It was thin shard. I couldn’t see it, only felt it. I felt the removal. It had a symbolic feeling. Something Spiritual had taken place. It was removed.


I had to believe in my own healing…

After the post, discussion, digging, contemplating, and hesitating no one cared about my healing or believed that I would address it. It was old news to them. I knew the moment I was healed. I knew the moment I had removed the glass, and that was all that I needed. I declared it to my friend, my husband, my daughter, and they all had sort of adopted a wait and see attitude. I had to know that I was healed, and I did. SO I LIVED MY HEALING.

and today…

My foot feels normal. Really, really normal. Every once in a while I’ll feel a little heat in the spot, but no more pain and it’s not black or crusted over. There is just a mark there to show where the glass went in. But I can finally say that I am healed. Although, I still remember the injury, I don’t feel any pain or soreness. I am healed.


You were built to overcome. Remember that!

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