Daddy Resolution: A Spiritual Examination for Women™

No matter what our relationship has been with our fathers, if we have not found a resolution or made peace with it, we cannot feel 100% whole. This 24-week online class is designed to give you the space you need to find a Daddy Resolution and acceptance. It is derived from Dr. Brimm’s Signature program Release the UnYou, Live as the Real You™.

What this is:

  • A Spiritual self-examination of who you are as a result of your relationship with your Daddy
  • An opportunity to release & cleanse anything related to your Daddy relationship, which does not serve you
  • A chance to celebrate who you are as a result of your Daddy
  • An exploration of mind, body, & Spirit as your father’s daughter.

What this is not:

  • Psychotherapy
  • A whining session which bemoans what our Daddies did or did not do
  • A validation session for our mother
  • An easy journey
  • A quick journey

What you can expect:

  • A 24-week online class.
  • 3 group sessions per month (times based on participants schedules)
  • 1 one-on-one session with Dr. Brimm per month
  • Learn to challenge external messaging & internal messaging which keeps you feeling resentful, angry, fearful, and unworthy.
  • Release mentally, Spiritually, & physically things which have been related to your Daddy/Daughter Journey
  • Self-discovery Coursebook with homework assignments.
  • Learn to journal, to observe, and to cleanse in ways which allow you to finally let go of things weighing you down & allows you to move forward.
  • Learn acceptance of (maybe even an appreciation for) your lifelong journey with your father.
  • Explore the different roles you’ve played, as they relate to your daughter/father journey.

What you’ll notice after the *process:

  • Feeling freer, lighter in all aspects of your life
  • Better coping skills when dealing with life’s irritants
  • More trust toward the opposite sex
  • More trust of your own intuition, feelings, and motives
  • Skills on how to release the past
  • Appreciation for your present life
  • More feelings of wholeness, worthiness, healthiness.

*To enjoy these results, participants must diligently do homework exercises, & share freely in groups & individual sessions.

Total Cost: $695**

  • Payable in 1 full payment $600.00 ($95 discount)
  • Payable in two payments $325 each ($45 discount)
  • Payable in 6 payments $ 116.00 each (your credit card will be charged monthly for 6 months automatically on the day that you choose)

**The price of the class is $695.00. If you choose to make payments, you will continue to be charged even if you miss attending classes.

***This is a Trademarked & proprietary program developed by Dr. Brooke Brimm.


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