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Brooke believes that our homes, our lives, our children and our world can change when we learn to love in a healthy and balanced way. She believes women are the key to this change. When we love ourselves, choose a partner who loves himself, and work effectively within our relationships we can heal the world. If we continue to look to others to fill us up, grow us up, and love us up, we will continue to produce children who are broken and hurting. The cycle can end with us. This book is designed to teach us:
1) How to love ourselves in action,
2) How to choose a great partner, and
3) How to work effectively within our loving unions.

The Author is a National Certified Counselor and has been happily married 18 years, despite coming from a family of origin affected by separation and other ills. She believes the keys are spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical awareness and activity. This book provides step-by-step examples and activities to teach women how to love and trust. It empowers women who want to be in and stay in long and lasting loving relationships.